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Cassandra Kerr Audiology is an independent audiologist specialises in Paediatric Audiometry, Hearing Testing and Hearing Aids in Melbourne.
Cassandra Kerr Audiology

From Hearing to Connection


Being able to hear effectively in a range of circumstances is pretty important,

and while a misheard comment can be hilarious at times, the day-to-day consequences of living with a hearing loss can also become potentially frustrating, disruptive, isolating and dispiriting. For many, sound also goes beyond the ability to communicate with others; It is a primary sense through which to make meaning of, and enjoy life itself.


And that's where we come in!

At CK Audiology, we're all about making connections. 

Our mission is to help you connect with your hearing sense, so you can

connect with the sounds and people that matter the most.

We look forward to connecting with you.



Treating people's hearing & helping them connect to the world around them is what we do. 

This can be achieved in a variety of ways, including hearing tests, aids or devices,

and working with your ENTs or other medical professionals. 


I specialise in paediatric diagnostics, as well as a full range of adult care.

Cassandra Kerr Audiology is independent, with no financial ties to any hearing aid manufacturer or supplier, meaning we are free to fit the most appropriate hearing aid

for each individual. 

Cassandra Kerr Audiology is an independent audiologist specialises in Paediatric Audiometry, Hearing Testing and Hearing Aids in Melbourne.
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I am proud to be one of Australia's Phonak Lyric certified providers. This completely invisible hearing device is a 24/7 hearing device that doesn't require batteries and can really help with tinnitus management as well as a whole range of hearing and hearing aid related issues. It is a unique and special device that I would love to discuss with you more.

I also work with a variety of other traditional hearing devices, such as behind the ear or in-the-ear hearing aids, for me, it's not about working with or promoting one type of aid, it's about working with you to find an aid that works with your lifestyle, your budget and your needs.

Having rechargeable aids that can connect to Bluetooth or other smart-connections can make a huge difference to the functionality of your hearing aids and while we can go on forever about all the different options and makes & models we'd much rather chat with you directly about your needs. Click here to request a consult.

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Hearing for adults combines rehabilitation, and supported treatment plans, especially for people who have lost their hearing over time. It can also be for people who lose their hearing while they're in their younger adulthood. Hearing loss impacts all aspects of your life, from your work to your relationships to your emotional and mental health. It can make continuing work in your current career difficult, increase isolation with your social group, and wreak havoc on your intimate relationships. For many people, losing their hearing as they age creates a negative spiral that can contribute to depression, isolation and in older people can even contribute to cognitive decline. Fundamentally our ability to communicate and connect to the world affects everything. It can often take close to a decade for people to seek treatment after the first signs of hearing loss start to appear. But there is so much that we can do about hearing decline and many tools we can use to support you and your loved ones during this journey that can reduce these negative impacts, slow the loss of hearing, and help you remain connected.

I am here to help.


Paediatric Audiology is where I started my career, I was a dedicated paediatric specialist for the first several years of my career and it has continued to be my main ongoing passion and area of expertise. I have aligned myself with ENTs and paediatric specialists to work specifically with early intervention treatment in children and worked to develop a clinic environment that is approachable, friendly and will mean your child get the best possible treatment support.


Children born in Australia all receive a hearing screening to determine if they need support from birth. However, there are a range of factors that can lead to a deterioration or loss of hearing in children (such as infections or other environmental factors) and if left untreated can impact their development and have ramifications for their whole lives. Hearing impairment, even if temporary in childhood, can cause isolation, issues with language development and lead to behavioural issues. If you feel your child might be having difficulties hearing you can book in for a hearing test here. I am here to help you and your family through this.

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Referral Partners

I am proud to work alongside some of Melbourne's finest medical professionals in the Audiology and ENT fields. My practice is based at Holmesglen Private Hospital in Moorabbin, Victoria. The following are some of the referral partners I work with, if you want to get in touch with them please click the links below.

Micro Suction Wax Management


CK Audiology is located in shared rooms with Clear Ears, if you require wax removal please click the link below to the Clear Ears booking site or call them directly on 1300 327 929.

Micro Suction Wax Management from Clear Ears, Cassandra Kerr Audiology referral partner
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