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Meet the Team!

Cassandra Kerr | Owner | Principal Audiologist

Bachelor of Science (BioMed),

Master of Audiology (First Class Honours),

Member of New Zealand Audiological Society -MNZAS (CCC),

Memeber of Australia Audiology -MAudA (CCP)

Cassandra Kerr Audiology is an independent audiologist specialises in Paediatric Audiometry, Hearing Testing and Hearing Aids in Melbourne.

Hi, my name is Cassandra.


I became interested in Audiology after graduating Bio-med at The University of Auckland, back in 2006. I had just met my soon-to-be husband, who had played music for many years, and who was beginning to notice a change in his own hearing as a result. A funny minor misheard comment here and there, nothing too dramatic at first. However, it quickly started to decline, which began to raise genuine concern.


I have always been motivated by a desire to help others, wherever possible, and this prompted me to move into Audiology, where I could learn about and better equip myself to do so.


After completing my Master of Audiology Degree, with first-class honours, from The University of Auckland in 2008, I began my journey in a Public Hospital, where I specialised in Paediatric Audiology. I found being a part of early intervention truly rewarding and soon became head of Newborn Hearing Screening and Audiology for the Bay of Plenty Region in New Zealand. I was also involved in many areas of the New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS), including becoming a key member in the creation of their current examining system.


In 2012 I decided to move to Private practice. During this time, I worked closely with Auckland University, supervising students and new graduates.


In February 2016 our family made the decision to move to Melbourne, where I joined Audiology Australia. For the past five years, I have worked for an independent practice caring for clients in Bayside and south Melbourne suburbs.


Finally in early 2021 I made the bold decision to go out on my own.


My particular interest in diagnostics and those ‘tricky’ cases has led me to develop strong relationships with Associate-Professor Elizabeth Sigston and Dr Nadine de Alwis at Holmesglen Private hospital, where I have decided to base myself to begin my own practice.


Being a part of the journey with my husband and seeing the impact losing and regaining hearing has had on his quality of life, and mine, has shaped my perspective, my practice and the values by which I work every day. Becoming part of so many others journeys over the years, has awarded me with a deep sense of satisfaction in what I do, and the motivation to do more.

I delight in the opportunity to help others and improve their quality of life. To be instrumental in connecting and reconnecting people with their hearing sense, so they can, in turn, connect with the people that matter the most.


I look forward to connecting with you!

Eva Avera | Audiologist

Bachelor of Science

Master of Clinical Audiology (First Class Honours)

Member of Audiology Australia

Eva pic.jpeg

I became interested in Audiology as I wanted to make a real difference in someone’s quality of life and to help advocate for preventable and reversible hearing loss. I have a very personal connection with hearing loss as my mum had a sudden permanent loss as a child and is profoundly deaf in one ear. Seeing the difficulties she faces living with hearing loss really inspired me to learn more about it and pursue my career in Audiology.


Having completed my Master of Clinical Audiology from the University of Melbourne, I’m very fortunate to start my career here at CK Audiology working alongside Cassandra.


One of my favourite things about working in Audiology is the variety of sub-specialities. The fields of Audiology that I work with include paediatric and adult diagnostics, hearing device rehabilitation, wax removal and Auditory Processing Disorder.

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