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Hearing Aids & Devices

Cassandra Kerr Audiology is independent, with no financial or other ties to any hearing aid manufacture. This means we can fit the most appropriate hearing aid for each individual, regardless of the manufacturer.

I am proud to be one of Australia's certified Phonak Lyric providers. This completely invisible hearing device is a 24/7 hearing device that doesn't require batteries and can really help with tinnitus management as well as a whole range of hearing and traditional hearing aid related issues. It is a unique and special device that I would love to discuss with you more.

I also work with a variety of other traditional hearing devices, such as behind the ear or in-the-ear hearing aids, for me, it's not about working with or promoting one type of aid, it's about working with you to find an aid that works with your lifestyle, your budget and your needs.

Having rechargeable aids that can connect to Bluetooth or other smart-connections can make a huge difference to the functionality of your hearing aids and while we can go on forever about all the different options and makes & models we'd much rather chat with you directly about your needs. Click here to request a consult.


Phonak Lyric. Cassandra Kerr Audiology is proud to be an offical Phonak Lyric representative.

I specialise in hearing aids and implantable devices. I am honoured to be one of the few audiologists in Australia that is approved to prescribe the Phonak Lyric hearing devices. 

Lyric is a hearing aid like no other. Lyric is the only extended wear hearing aid, this means Lyric users have access to sound 24/7, just as those with normal hearing do. Lyric is ideal for individuals who do not want anyone to know they are wearing a hearing aid due to its invisibility. Lyric is also ideal for those who don’t want to bother with batteries and putting their hearing aid in and out each day.

If you currently wear hearing aids or feel you may need hearing aids, and Lyric sounds like the solution you are looking for, please enquire now.


Cassandra Kerr Audiology is an independent audiologist specialises in Paediatric Audiology, Hearing Testing and Hearing Aids in Melbourne.

There are a huge variety of hearing aids and assisted listening devices. In-ear or behind-the-ear hearing aids, blue tooth options, amplified phones, personal amplifiers, and all kinds of options that use all the developments of modern technology.

For us to find the perfect solution for you we consult on personal factors and your needs as well as finding an option that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Together we can find the perfect option to get you connected.


Cassandra Kerr Audiology is an independent audiologist specialises in Paediatric Audiology, Hearing Testing and Hearing Aids in Melbourne.

If you already have an implanted hearing device and you require services, please contact us. If you feel like an implant might be appropriate for you and you are not currently satisfied with the performance of your hearing aids we would be happy to have a consultation to discuss what options are available for you.

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